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Our certified medical team provides the highest level of safety and care with the most effective non-invasive cosmetic treatments.


Body Contouring,

Body Contouring, or body sculpting, is a non – surgical, non- invasive procedure that aims to reshape an area of the body. This may involve reshaping and contouring the area, eliminating excess fat, or tightening of extra skin.

​Skin Rejuvenation​

Clinical Facials are perfect for anyone wanting to take their skincare to the next level. Using medical-grade products and techniques we can improve the skin’s appearance and condition. Our range of Advanced Treatments are tailored to each individual helping to achieve happy, glowing, confident skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light is a light based technology used to get rid of unwanted hair on the face and body. It works by destroying the hair follicle under the skins surface, which stops it from growing. The result is smoother, hair free skin.

Facial Rejuvenation

(Wrinkles, age spots, broken capillaries, sun damage, pigmentation, Rosacea)
IPL Venus Versa Treatments
This amazing new technology came out a couple of years and we are seeing great results. If you suffer from age spots, pigmentation, sun damage, redness, rosacea, acne, broken capillaries then this is the treatment for you.

EMS Pelvic Floor Therapy

What is it? The EMS pelvic floor therapy uses Electric muscle stimulation to stimulate and cause contractions of the muscles around the pelvic floor, strengthening the pelvic floor and surrounding tissues.

Delivering 11,000 kegals in 28 minutes.

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EM slim is an innovative body sculpting energy device approved to burn fat and build muscle mass via electromagnetic pules. It’s has no-downtime, it’s pain-free and a non-surgical way to firm and tone the abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves and thighs. The contractions encourage the body to grow new muscle fibers and protein strains, which simultaneously decreases unwanted fat cells. This is a great non-surgical alternative, even to the Brazilian butt lift!
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Botox and fillers are popular non-surgical treatments to reduce wrinkles and add facial volume. Botox temporarily paralyzes muscles, minimizing wrinkles, while fillers use substances like hyaluronic acid to add volume, plump lips, and smooth lines. They offer quick, noticeable results without surgery.

Plan & Pricing

Plan & Pricing

Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Service Rate
Consultation $0
Chin $145
Pkg of 8 $960
Pkg of 10 $1200
Back $165
Pkg of 8 $1100
Pkg of 10 $1400
Abdomen $180
Pkg of 8 $1200
Pkg of 10 $1550
Buttocks $180
Pkg of 8 $1200
Pkg of 10 $1500
Arms $155
Pkg of 8 $1040
Pkg of 10 $1300
Legs $180
Pkg of 8 $1200
Pkg of 10 $1500
Flanks $165
Pkg of 8 $1100
Pkg of 10 $1400

*for best results we recommend a minimum of 8 treatments, one per week.

Skin Tightening

Service Rate
Face/Neck $200
Pkg of 6 $1000
Chin/Neck $140
Pkg of 6 $650
Facial $175
Pkg of 6 $850
Upper Arms $150
Pkg of 8 $960
Pkg of 10 $1200
Abdomen $165
Pkg of 8 $1100
Pkg of 10 $1400
Decolletage $120
Pkg of 8 $800
Pkg of 10 $1000

Cellulite Reduction

Service Rate
Consultation $0
Abdomen $200
Pkg of 8 $1300
Pkg of 10 $1500
Buttocks $250
Pkg of 8 $1700
Pkg of 10 $1900
Legs $250
Pkg of 8 $1700
Pkg of 10 $1900

*for best results we recommend a minimum of 8 treatments, one per week.


Service Rate
Consultation $0
Consultation $0
1 Session $199
Package of 4 – One Area $750
Package of 6 – One Area $1050
Package 4 – Two Areas $950
Package of 6 – Two Areas $1200
Package 8 – Two Areas $1250

*for best results we recommend 6 treatments, two per week, 2-3 days apart


Venus Viva RF Microneedling

Service Rate
Consultation $0
Full Face $350
Pkg of 3 $900
Neck $200
Pkg of 3 $550
Face + Neck $400
Pkg of 3 $1,000
Stretch Marks Starting at $300
Scar Reduction Starting at $200

Dp4 Microneedling

Service Rate
Full Face $300
Decolletage $175
Full Face & Neck $400
Full Face, Neck & Decolletage $500
Scar Treatment $150
Undereyes $150
Clinical Facials

Clinical Facials

Service Rate
Clean Up Facial $115
Teen Clean Up Facial $85
Dermal Glow Facial $149
Hydra Facial $175
Extractions $50
Skin Tightening Facial $175
Skin Tightening Facial Package of 6 $800
IPL Photo Facial $200
Skin Tightening + IPL Photo Facial $275
Tribella- Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial $550
Dermaplaning Facial $125
Microdermabrasion Facial $125
Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Service Rate
Complimentary Consultation Free
Under arms $75
Brazilian $150
Neck $75
Sideburns $70
Ab Trail $50
Full Face $150
Upper Legs $125
Full Legs $250
Full Arms $150
Chin & Neck $85
Back of Legs $80
Bikini $90
Fore Arms $125
Lip $50
½ Face $125
Chin $65
Areola $50

Mens Laser Hair Packages

Service Rate
Men’s Buttocks $150
Full back $250
Full back & Upper arms $350
Neck $75
Inner Thighs $110

Laser Packages

Service Rate
Brazilian & Underarms $200
Lower Leg & Bikini $215
Full Leg & Bikini $300
Chin & Neck $85
Lip & Chin $85
Brazilian & Peri Anal $175
Toes & Feet $75
IPL- Skin Rejuvination
Service Rate
Consultation $0
Broken Capillaries around Nose $100
Cheeks $175
Decolletage (Sun damage) $220
Upper Back (Sun damage) $220
Age Spots $100
Full Face $185
Full Face Package of 3 $450
Chest $125
Chest Package of 3 $250
Hands Starting at $85
Spider Veins $75
Spot Treatment (Brown/Red) $75
Spot Treatment Package of 3 $200
Spot Treatment Package of 4 $250

Photo Facial

Service Rate
Photo Facial (Face & Neck) $200
Photo Facial Package of 3 $550
Photo Facial + Dermaplaining $250
Photo Facial + Skin Tightening $275
Chemical Peels

  BioRe Peel

BioRePeel is medium to deep depth advanced chemical peel that uses bio – stimulation technology to bypass the first layer of skin (Epidermis). In turn this causes your skin to from the inside out, resulting in zero downtime.

Service Rate
BioRe Peel – BioPhase Treatmeant $250
BioRe Peel + Dermaplaining $300
BioRe Peel + Dermaplaining + LED Therapy $325

Pro Clinical Peel (By The Perfect Derma)

Pro Clinical Peel can be a superficial, medium or deep peel. With GLUTATHIONE features a powerful clinically proven blend or acids and antioxidants for a fresh more youthful appearance. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, evens out skin tone and improves textures, minimizes the appearance of pores, brightens and refreshes the complexion.

Service Rate
Pro Clinical Peel $275
Pro Clinical Peel + Dermaplaining $325
Pro Clinical Peel + Dermaplaining + LED Therapy $350
Service Rate
Bikini $40
Chin $18
Eyebrows $20
Eyebrows & Lip $30
Full Arms $40
Full Body $185
Full Butt $20
Full Face $40
Full Legs $65
Half Arm $30
Lip & Chin $20
Lower Legs $40
Stomach Line $10
Upper Legs $45
Upper Lip $15
Women’s Back $45
Men’s Back $75
Lashes & Brows
Service Rate
Eyelash Tint $50
Eyelash Lift $70
Eyelash Lift & Tint $100
Eyebrow Wax $20
Eyebrow Lamination $90
Eyebrow Tint $30
Eyebrow Wax & Tint $35
Eyebrow Tint & Lamination $80
Eyebrow Tint + Lamination + Wax $90
EMS Pelivc Floor Therapy

This revolutionary breakthrough treatment is helping patients regain confidence by improving their incontinence and intimate wellness. Using Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) this unique technology delivers 11,000 Kegel-like contractions in every 30-minute session.
Numerous studies worldwide have demonstrated the effectiveness of EMS with 95% of patients having reported a better quality of life. Improved pelvic floor strength has been associated with reduced incontinence, better sexual function, and decreased organ prolapse. EMS helps achieve these benefits by targeting the muscles directly, bypassing the nervous system. When applied to the pelvic floor muscles, electrical stimulation creates physiological changes that lead to muscle improvements. With zero downtime this treatment becomes a convenient option for anyone looking to improve these areas of their physical health

Service Rate
Consultation $0
Individual Treatment $169.99
Package of 4 $500
Package of 4 $650
Package of 4 $800


What They Say

Sher Muise
Sher Muise
Not only is Paige the absolute best at what she does, she is the most genuinely kind person to be around. I was so nervous to initially go because I didn't know what to expect, and now that I know Paige, it sounds silly to think I was ever hesitant to go! She is amazing, and the results reflect her professionalism. You won't regret trusting her.
Nabahat Sana
Nabahat Sana
Paige is really amazing and she knows what she is doing. She is very knowledgeable and always gives the best advice to her clients. Definitely the best professional in town and I’m glad I don’t have to go out of town to get my services
Been twice now for facials— had a wonderful and welcoming experience! Can’t wait to go back! Clean and cosy spot.
Great service! Paige really knows her stuff and goes above and beyond to take care of your skin 🥰
Neal Barnes
Neal Barnes
Did a laser hair removal treatment, service was amazing and the spa is such a relaxing environment. 10 out 10 would recommend to anyone
Amber Parke
Amber Parke
My fav little spa in town! Paige is excellent at what she does and just a wonderful hilarious person!
Tracy Morrell
Tracy Morrell
Loved Paige and the whole experience ❤️ definitely recommend to anyone seeking kind, professional and even fun experience 😀 👍 😊 thanks Paige 👌 see you again soon!
Kristy “Kks”
Kristy “Kks”
Really enjoyed my treatments with Paige at Foy Medi Spa! She’s so easy to talk to and knowledgeable and her space is so inviting and comfortable. 1000% will be back!

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